I was born in Surrey, England in 1993. I moved to Norfolk in 2006 where I got my secondary education, then moved to Perth, Western Australia in 2011.

I loved taking part in school plays and also watching cartoons, often doing impressions of the characters on the screen (and impressing my friends with them!). From an early age I discovered I could pick up almost any voice or accent with ease, and I knew I wanted to be on the television. Or in cartoons, at least.

I love the stage, and having major roles in productions. My time onstage has mostly been part of Drama assignments or extra-curricular Drama groups in England, but since arriving in Australia I’ve already enlisted in a local Theatre Group and been part of an Amateur Theatre production. I recorded voice-overs for this production as part of my role as a Radio Announcer introducing the next scene and was specially commended for this.

I did well at school and got my GCSE qualifications nearly effortlessly. I wasn’t a fan of studying and analytically-based work and preferred the practical, hands on approach, particularly in Drama and IT, the subjects I felt best suited my interests.

I’ve been using Windows computers all the time since I was very young and have a lot of experience with many different editing programs.

I’ve been able to use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a huge number of animations. I often collect free sound effects from the Internet to use in them. At my secondary school, I discovered Serif DrawPlus, and found it to be a very easy and versatile animating program. I bought the program to use at home and have made many frame-by-frame animations with it since. I’m also looking into trying out Adobe Flash.

I love to express my creative freedom through drawings and art, or by writing stories or poems.

I like a wide range of music, particularly Heavy Metal and modern Electronic genres, but I also like to relax to some Classical.

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