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Education: Springwood High School, April 2006 – October 2011

Granted membership of YG & T (Young, Gifted & Talented) May 2008, awarded to the top 5% of all UK students with the ability to excel academically.

I am experienced in playing a variety of roles from classic drama to comedy. I have a good singing voice and I am a confident dancer.

I am flexible and self-motivated. I am able to work co-operatively and communicate well within a group of people.

I have had various voice-over assignments with numerous clients online, and I am able to portray convincing national and regional accents including: English (various dialects), Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, German, Austrian, Spanish, American, Australian, Russian, and South African.


I studied for a Diploma in BTEC Performing Arts at Springwood High School and contributed to the in-house Kinetic Theatre and the Drama Club prior to immigrating to Australia in December 2011.

I gained a total of 12 GCSEs in the following subjects:

English (A), English Literature (B), Maths (A), Additional Maths (A), Science (A), History (B), Art and Design – Fine Art (D), Drama (B), Design and Technology – Product Design (C)

ICT First Certificate (Merit, equivalent to 3 GCSEs)

  • Creating Video (Merit)
  • ICT Skills for Business (Distinction)
  • Webpage Creation (Merit)
  • Design and Produce Multimedia Products (Merit)
  • Creating Animation for the WWW using ICT (Merit)
  • Creating Sound Using ICT (Merit)


November 2013 – Ring of Fired (Self-Produced Unofficial Fan Project, Voice Dub)

Roles Played: All (VO)

I play a wide range of characters from the rowdy Australian CEO Saxton Hale, to the diabolical Grey Mann, to his daughter Olivia, to the calm and collected Bidwell, and many more.

An unofficial non-profit fan-dub of the Team Fortress 2 comics. All voice acting performed by me, with music and sound effects from other sources added in Acoustica Mixcraft 6. Converted to video format by an assistant producer.
Link to video


October 2013 – Shadow Boxers(Self-Produced Unofficial Fan Project, Voice Dub)

Roles Played: All (VO)

I voice Miss Pauling and the mercenaries as they concoct an unlikely plan to infiltrate the Grey Gravel company and its spine-chilling robot army.
Link to video


October 2013 – Doom Mates (Self-Produced Unofficial Fan Project, Voice Dub)

Roles Played: All (VO)

The dreadful and ancient wizard Merasmus is paid a visit by his goofy former roommate, the Red Soldier which escalates into a feud.
Link to video


September 2013 – StickKnights Part II (Self-Produced Animated Film)

Roles Played: Sticko, Sticks, King, Advisor, Monster (VO)

The StickKnights prepare for battle against a huge monstrous creature. Meanwhile a political struggle erupts in the palace between the King’s shifty Advisor and His loyal Messenger.
An 8 minute video, part of an animated series I am currently producing, and have hosted on YouTube.
Link to Video


June 2013 – Darkest Days (Animated Feature Length Film)

Roles Played: Coach and Bill (VO)

I played the surly father figure Coach, who starred and had lots of dialogue in one scene, and the minor speaking role of the war veteran Bill, who only had a few lines.
Link to My Reel


May 2013 – Hollow Fear(Independent Game in Development)

Roles Played: Main Protagonist and his Companion (VO)

I was asked personally by the game’s creator for an appropriate and professional voice for the main character. He was so impressed with my submission that he has requested further voice-overs throughout the game’s development.
Link to Trailer


May 2013 – It’s Wikid to be Wicked(Musical Soundtrack)

Roles Played: King Henry (vocalisation)

An original musical developed by Neil and Susan Paddock. I was asked to perform as the unscrupulous and fictional King Henry for this song.
Link to Song


April 2013 – StickKnights Part I(Self-Produced Animated Film)

Roles Played: Sticko, Sticks, King (VO)

Three bumbling adventurers are called upon by the King of the land to retrieve his precious gem, stolen by an unknown and menacing force.
Link to Video


April 2013 – Meet the Director(Self-Produced Unofficial Fan Project, Voice Dub)

Roles Played: All (VO)

The first in the series of Team Fortress Comic Dubs. A pompous film director interviews the multi-national mercenaries of the land of Teufort. But for what purpose?
Link to video

June 2012 – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – Wanneroo Repertory Inc – Limelight Theatre, Wanneroo March – (12 performances) Director: Shelley McGinn

Roles played: Radio Announcer Voice Over (VO)/Television Assistant/Melvyn P Thorpe (MPT) Singer/Cowboy/Aggie (Football Player)

I had various supplementary roles in this production, as the main characters had already been cast. I had minor speaking roles throughout the production but the MPT & Aggie roles included many singing and expressive dance routines.

I also recorded the voiceovers for several radio announcements in this production.
Link to Voice Reel


September 2011 – Blake Concert (King’s Lynn, Corn Exchange, UK)

I provided backing vocals as part of a large chorus for Blake – a Classical Boy band.


July 2011 – Springwood Summer Concert

I did a solo performance of “If I were a Rich Man”. I was asked personally by one of the Musical Directors if I would like to take on this role as she felt that my voice would be well suited to the song.


May 2011 – Wacky Soap (BTEC Performing Arts Assessment, Springwood High School)

Roles played: Punk/Various choral roles

For this production, the cast was much smaller, so some roles were merged and divided within the small group. I was given the role of Punk and subsequently, most of the lines of the Unks – the antagonists of the piece. Also I sang in a duet with another cast member. When I didn’t have a speaking role in a scene, I served in a choral or background role.


January 2011 – Macbeth (Kinetic Theatre Production)

Role played: King Duncan

A significant role, which featured a considerable amount of dialogue to learn for the opening scene and beginning of the play. My confident tone, projection and delivery were thought to be very suitable for the role.

December 2010 – The Trial (BTEC Performing Arts Assessment)

Roles played: K/Huld/Various choral roles

Playing the main character, K, I performed the opening monologue, then a few scenes interacting with the other characters. For the rest of the production I had brief speaking roles or represented scenery.

Huld was a loud character who appeared at the beginning of Act II of the Trial. There was a great deal of dialogue to learn for his first scene, which I accomplished without difficulty.


June 2010 – Arachne vs. Athene (GCSE Drama Exam)

Roles played: Announcer/Various choral roles –

A brief but comic character role in our self-devised piece based on Greek mythology.  In this role I announced the duel between Arachne and Athene. I also acted as non-speaking background objects or people in other scenes.


June 2010 – Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head (GCSE Drama Exam)

Roles played: King Polydectes/Grey one/Various choral roles

The villain and a mythical humanoid respectively in our self-devised piece based on Greek Mythology.  Each role had a speaking part in one scene. The dialogue was mostly narrative. In the remaining scenes I was in the chorus, representing scenery or an extra.


June 2010 – Orpheus and Eurydice (GCSE Drama Exam, June 2010)

Role played: Orpheus

The main character in our self-devised piece based on Greek Mythology. The dialogue was mostly narrative, spread evenly amongst the cast.


A Winter’s Tale – Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, UK (Springwood Drama Club Production, November 2009)

Role played: King Leontes

An emotive character that is dominant in the first half of the play. This role has a significant amount of dialogue which I was able to learn and deliver successfully.

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